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factoid - the character on this album cover was designed by by Karl's friend, Amber. Haibane influence? On no. Wait, yes.
Ultraklystron - Are We There Yet?
All tracks written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2003.

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Taking a little que from Jordana's The Cities Collection, I decided to write an album of music vaguely influnced by cities I've been too or have seen on TV. Largely a drum n' bass effort, the ambient tracks, "Banff" and "Spokane," did gain attention from couple of the shoutcasts on Ampcast IIRC. I should probably remaster this CD someday. The composition is pretty solid. OTOH, the CD never sold one copy. Who would have imagined that.
Opensource Lyricist
Romance Language

Never Knows Best | Never Yours To Share It
Are We There Yet?
Fan Service
Nothing Like Me Ever Was

Fun Confusion

CouZ-n CaRl
Couz n' Effect

Remix Work
By Ultraklystron
By Fun Confusion
By CouZ-n CaRl
Ultraklystron vs. MC Chris

Other Stuff
Imitate (Cover EP)
Forbidden Fruits


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