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factoid - parody is protected speech, and I'm not making any money off of this project. please do not sue me apple. atleast start with a cease and desist.
Karl Olson presents Ultraklystron - Forbidden Fruits
All tracks written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2006.

To call this high-concept might be over shooting a little, but it's certainly strange. You see, my local Apple Store has internet access on all of it's computers, and on their best machine (a Duel Xeon Tower that probably uses enough energy to light the Las Vegas strip) they also have a lovely 30 inch display, a USB-interfaced MIDI Keyboard and GarageBand. Now, previously I had played around and written songs on that computer and various other macs with GarageBand and the appropriate MIDI interface, but I hadn't thought to upload it. Thanks to the prodding of a couple friends (Misu and Ken,) I uploaded something I'd just created on impulse there in the store to my website. Later, it hit me: why don't I write and upload something every time in the Apple Store? Thus Forbidden Fruits was born.

All things considered, it's not a particularly brilliant project, but the concept is an interesting one. It's an example of what can be done with the fusion of modern music production techniques, found equipment and connectivity. I mean, I figure I can probably write music where ever I can find a Mac with GarageBand, and as long as I have the net or a thumbdrive, I can take what I make in that short amount of time with me. Granted, it's not necessarily great music, but it's quasi-avant-garde, it's certainly fun, and it's a challenge because I'm not operating in the enviroment that I'm used to (PC w/ Reason,) and I have one shot to get it right (well, I guess I could save have finished mixes to a drive, but that makes it less impulsive.) Who knows though, maybe more people will try it. If you do try it, drop me a line via email, forum or blog. I'd like to hear it.
Opensource Lyricist
Romance Language

Never Knows Best | Never Yours To Share It
Are We There Yet?
Fan Service
Nothing Like Me Ever Was

Fun Confusion

CouZ-n CaRl
Couz n' Effect

Remix Work
By Ultraklystron
By Fun Confusion
By CouZ-n CaRl
Ultraklystron vs. MC Chris

Other Stuff
Imitate (Cover EP)
Forbidden Fruits


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