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Ultraklystron - Never Knows Best | Never Yours To Share It
All tracks written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2002-2003.

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This CD, or rather as I've ultimately have decided to release it, this double CD was what Haven distracted from. The album was very heavily influnced by the anime and manga I was watching at the time, and thus it also has a slew of anime references in both the album title and the song titles. I've tryed in the years after I wrote it to tweak and/or remaster the album on atleast a couple occaisions, but I have decided to leave it be. This is basically what I was capable of circa 2002-2003.

The first disc, Never Knows Best is pure Drum n' Bass and Glitch. Every last song on it is very intensioned and has a place in the line up, a concept I became really into after writing such a focused album with Are We There Yet?. It's not unlike a soundtrack for a film, or atleast that's the mindset I approached it with. The musical influences are largely from more symphonic Drum n' Bass artists, though the use of growling, aggressive synths is definitely a purposeful Tech Step touch. The glitch pieces manage to break up the flow a little, but they are meant to have a certain place in the over all arc and emotion of the album as well.

The second disc, Never Yours To Share It, is definitely sort of B-material. Some it is stuff that I originally wanted to weave into Never Knows Best but that just didn't hold up to the rest of the disc, and some it is just stuff I happened to make during a bout of inspiration that really didn't fit in with the main disc, but is still quite good. It does show off a lot of my range - I try everything from Eurobeat to Breakbeat Techno to my usual Drum n' Bass antics, and it all works out pretty solidly. For a while I didn't like this pair of discs, but enough time has passed that I can listen to it with fresh ears and say that all things considered, it's a pretty solid double CD.

Opensource Lyricist
Romance Language

Never Knows Best | Never Yours To Share It
Are We There Yet?
Fan Service
Nothing Like Me Ever Was

Fun Confusion

CouZ-n CaRl
Couz n' Effect

Remix Work
By Ultraklystron
By Fun Confusion
By CouZ-n CaRl
Ultraklystron vs. MC Chris

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Imitate (Cover EP)
Forbidden Fruits


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