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9-19-2007 - Overdue Update

Namely, the long lost Ultraklystron double CD, Never Knows Best | Never Yours To Share It. It's dark, lovely and wonderful.

9-19-2006 - Music For Sleeping

A more natural solution then Ambien.

9-17-2006 - Haven, Remastered

"If we can hold on, we can fix what is wrong; buy a little time for this head of mine. Haven for us." - The Delgados, "The Light Before We Land" Yes, that is where the album title is from. I'm always referential, for better or worse.

9-6-2006 - More Old Lame Music

"Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair," because Nothing Like Me Ever Was. Arguably, nothing like this CD should have probably ever been, but it's up now.

9-5-2006 - SubUrban

An attempt at a Drum n' Bass love letter to a decade that I was only 6-years-old by the end of.

9-2-2006 - Forbidden Fruits

Thinking different would be one away of putting it.

8-3-2006 - mc chris remixes

Every mc chris remix I completed and released is now up for download with a boring how it came about article. 25 whole songs (which is really more like several iterations of 8 songs, but it's all good.)

3-3-2006 - More Albums

Fan Service is now up, Whatever is now up, and here's a special bonus.

2-28-2006 - More Redesign and Interstitials

Haha, even more redesigning going on, and now my interstitial music for the Toon Zone Podcast is now online for download. Well, the page for it is up. The mp3s will be up soon.

2-28-2006 - Redesign and More Music

Only one day in and I'm already messing with the look of the place. Anyway, Are We There Yet, an album I released under my Ultraklystron moniker, is now up for download in the albums section.

2-27-2006 - Site Launches

Check out the albums sections for downloads you've probably already got.

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