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Ultraklystron - Opensource Lyricist
All tracks written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2005-2007.

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The vaguely anticipated follow up to the relatively successful nerdcore LPs (in terms of Karl Olson's prior success,) Revision 4920 and Romance Language. Clocking in at about 80 minutes of original, new material and $14 including shipping and handling, Opensource Lyricist continues the tradition layed down in 4920 of confusing any and all listeners. Lyrically, the new LP not only stays true to the otaku-oriented roots of the first LP (earn it,) but expands into new territory, such as storytelling pieces about the life of a gachapon (coin figure,) talking with a producer at an anime con (priceless,) gnu public licencing (opensource lyricist) and even protest songs (so long kids.)
Opensource Lyricist
Romance Language

Never Knows Best | Never Yours To Share It
Are We There Yet?
Fan Service
Nothing Like Me Ever Was

Fun Confusion

CouZ-n CaRl
Couz n' Effect

Remix Work
By Ultraklystron
By Fun Confusion
By CouZ-n CaRl
Ultraklystron vs. MC Chris

Other Stuff
Imitate (Cover EP)
Forbidden Fruits


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