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Fun Confusion - Solace
All tracks written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2003.

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After Are We There Yet?, a handful of people said I should try my hand at a purely Ambient release because the two Ambient tracks on it, "Banff" and "Spokane," were very enjoyable to them. Having been curious about trying my hand at a truely Ambient CD for a while, I went at it while working on Never Yours To Share It and came up with Solace in a fairly short time frame. Since it was pure Ambient (ok, tinged with some serious Downtempo and even a little Industrial at points,) I figured releasing it under my Fun Confusion moniker made the most sense as it was in part supposed to be a name where I releasing experimental content.

I did try putting out a CD for it via Cafepress, and no one bought it of course, but I will say that I'm ultimately pretty happy with the result of this album. It was probably the last CD I did that wasn't blatantly inspired by anime from start to finish too. Though track titles like "memories" and "nightengale" are quite referential to anime, "outage" and "foresight" are in reference to other things: "outage" is a nod to the NYC Blackout of 2003, while "foresight" was pulled right out of thin air. Beyond any silly name scheme, the main thing is I still listen to this CD and feel I've made something beautiful and lasting, atleast to me. I mean, it's a very morose sounding CD in an odd way (lots of minor key stuff,) but it's also simultaneously quite warm and cathartic in the same movement, and maybe that's why it works.
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Fun Confusion

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