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Ultraklystron - SubUrban
All tracks written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2000. Originally released under the artist name "The Stereo Logic."

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Now that I think about it, this probably the last CD I made under my old artist name before the threat of legal action from a band with a similar name (though they very suspiciously seem to have come upon the name well after I came up with it, and they are ironically quite defunct now,) forced me to change my name to Ultraklystron. Unfortunately, this isn't the greatest send off for my old artist name, but it wasn't planned as one, and it's still decent in terms of composition atleast.

Composed in ACiDph1 using various samples taken off everything from my Juno Alpha 1 keyboard to stuff made in I made trialware sequencers to drum kit packs scrownged from all over the net and then used in freeware drum machine programs, I took on the very over-ambitious project of trying to make a drum n' bass CD in terms of composition, that sounded like it was in the mid-1980s. Sometimes this worked decently ("Las Vegas Noon, Las Vegas Midnight," "1983") while at other points it became a little too esoteric and pseudo-avant-garde ("As Clear As Day, As Dark As Night," "Sequential") and some of the best tracks on the disc don't even sound that retro at all ("Crosswalk," "Shortwave Boombox.")

On the whole though, it's pretty good considering I was working with very barebones composition software, one good synth, not much sense of clipping or mastering and 20 buck Jensen headphones. I certainly would not rule out referencing back to some of that material at some point.
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