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Ultraklystron - Whatever
All tracks written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson. Copyright 2000-2001.

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So originally, I released this as six song EP. Then I realized that noone would buy an EP for the price was selling CDs for, and I had few more songs in me anyway, so I turned it into an LP. Of course, in between points EP and LP, my hard-drive crashed, and I wasn't able to recover the data until year or so later, so it's really a good thing I did release the EP, because by buying a copy of it (and of most of the rest of my own CDs from,) I had a back-up of all my listenable, worthwhile work (well, atleast what I considered listenable and worth while at that point.)

Anyway, it's also the first CD I released under the Ultraklystron name. See, in the interim between Whatever and SubUrban, I had found out there was another The Stereo Logic, or rather, a band called just "Stereo Logic" out of Pennsylvania or something like that. I was pretty sure I had the name first, but they said they were ready to go for court and sue for it, so I said "forget it" and changed my name to something that at the time was truely unique - Ultraklystron. Now, the funny thing is, is that a software cracker group/piracy group has since copied the name Ultraklystron, but thankfully they aren't in a position to sue me, and I know there isn't anyway of stopping them.

Back on the topic of the CD itself, it's not a bad CD. Not a good CD either, but I really don't like anything I've made. Probably a good thing because I've heard it's a bit crass and egotistical to like your own work, but more importantly by never being satisfied I keep trying harder. Anyway, I will say that "Division Street" and "Ultraterrestial" are kinda neat tracks, and that "Interstate 90 (Snowfall Mix)" which didn't appear on the actual CD, but is really part of that CD in spirit, is a pretty good track for something cut together in AcidPh1.

Bonus Notes: "Condensation" features a doppler recording of my own pulse. See if you can hear it. Also, if the cover art was up, it'd feature a drawing from my friend Amber overlaid onto a great picture I took in downtown Bellevue during a foggy day that I then went photoshop crazy on. However, I haven't put it up yet. Someday.
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